What is Captive and Field Herpetology?

Captive and Field Herpetology is:

  • An online, open-access peer reviewed quarterly journal that seeks to provide an easy to read resource covering natural history notes, herpetological field notes and observations in captivity.
  • An expedition company with research interests focused in India and Sri Lanka. We run a a number of expeditions to various locations in these countries annually to provide you with the opportunity to learn and gain skills in field herpetology such as; environmental data collection, observational data collection, data collection from live animals, photography and laboratory methods.

Our aims

Due to a range of issues many species are progressively becoming endangered at an alarming rate in the wild. With the increase in herpetofauna being kept in captivity we aim to use captive and field observations to gain better insights into their needs and behaviours. By providing an open access resource in the form of our journal and training during our expeditions we are striving to form a better understanding of what is needed to allow the continued survival of species both in and ex-situ. To get involved with any of our expeditions click here or contact us for further information.


Each submission will be reviewed by two peers before being accepted, or sent back for edits to be made. Please follow our submission guidelines before submitting as any entries which have not done so will be rejected immediately.

Examples of publication types

  • Natural history notes
  • Field notes and observations
  • Descriptions of genetic and morphological variability
  • Distributions
  • Captive observations