Affiliate Discounts

Ants HQ

Specialists in supplying live ants as food for not only specialised feeders but many commonly kept reptiles and amphibians. Visit to visit the shop and don’t forget to use the codes below.

CPFANTSHQ1 – 10% off on orders with a subtotal greater than £10.

CPFANTSHQ2 – 5% off on orders with a subtotal below £10.


 Snake Professional

Herpetology equipment discount

Selling high quality field and and handling gear that we ourselves use. We have been using Snake Professional equipment in the field with snakes such as Russel’s viper, cobras and kraits recently and highly recommend it.

Visit the Snake Professional and email them directly before ordering mentioning ‘Captive and Field Herpetology’ for a 5% discount.


 Swell Reptiles

Reptile equipment discount

One of the leading companies in the UK selling most of your reptile equipment needs. Visit Swell Reptiles and use the code below.

CAPTIVEHERP – 10% off on a large range of products across the website.